Established by Siobhán Kelly


The adventure began as a child when both my parents were quite artistic in their own mediums.  My Father being a Carpenter whom easily found work due to his creative nature and my Mother being a Calligrapher using the fine art of fountain pens and ink.

While growing up in the atmosphere of saw dust and wood chippings to an array of coloured inks I found a love for artistic creations.  Although winning a local Art Competition in my childhood and pursuing other activities such as sewing and baking, it was not until 2006 that I finally managed to feel the clay beneath my hands.

At this point, I had a career in the medical field and adventuring into my long-standing desire to create seemed like a dream. During the following two years I embarked on night time classes in ceramics.  I learned the techniques of making pieces that my mind would race with different ideas and excitement would flow through me as I thought of the endless possibilities that I could make in clay.  At this point, I had a passion for glazing pieces and my natural flamboyant streak started to protrude.

By 2009, I had finally identified that the desire was within for the feel of the wood beneath my fingers, as the desire grew to smell that old familiar scent of wood within.  I began to wood-turn and as I made a few pieces I knew with absolute certainty that I would amalgamate both ceramic and wood together.

Although over the years I tried my hands at throwing I discovered that my niche was in ceramic art.  My ceramic pieces certainly have the flamboyant look that I had in mind and yet there are some calming pieces in there as well.

Being a Irish native of County Kildare Ireland, it was taught to me at an early age that St Brigid of Kildare protected the Irish, and as I learned about her my ability to make St Brigid Cross's was a natural instinct that now that I had managed to become a Ceramic Artist it became only too fitting for me to make my beloved St Brigid's Cross in ceramics.

By 2014, I have set up my own studio and started teaching privately.  While having a career in the medical field, I have discovered that working and teaching with clay has given me a profound insight on the relaxation properties of many clients including myself.

Although I have a collection of pieces ranging from Star Bowls inspired by starfish, Bunches inspired by Bananas, St Brigid's Crosses inspired by the rushes and St Brigid herself, Sets inspired by candles, The Smartie Range inspired by humor.  All my ceramic pieces are individually hand crafted and glazed by myself.