I am the proud possessor of one of these first pieces, a little purple/blue ceramic kayak modelled on my actual but much larger purple/blue real-life kayak. It's a complex exact shape that required an attention to structural detail. For me, the little ceramic kayak sitting on its shelf is a reminder of one of my main passions, being on the river.

Jim Kennedy,

Each piece is so unique and each one of them adds to my joy when I look at them: they're colourful, intricate and yes, they do have the power to lift up my spirit when I behold them.

Monica Rapeanu,

I am delighted with my beautiful bowl, it gives me great pleasure and attracts interest from anyone who comes by it.  The colours that run through it have a calming tranquil feel and my children fascinated by how it was made.

Ann Kelly,

We are really delighted with the piece. Our friends have commented too on how unusual it is and how it seems to fit in with our house. We have it sitting on our hearth and it complements the colours in the living room and it reminds us of creation. Great to be able to make such a beautiful piece!


Edmund and Fiona Collins,