I'm just focusing on commissioned pieces right now! If you would like an individual piece ~ dedicated for someone you love or even just for your own admiration  .... now is the time to be asking me while I am devoting my time to making commissioned pieces at the moment. Pottery or wood or pottery…
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Special Flyers 50% Discount off Original Price

Special Flyers 50% Discount off Original Price There is a code on each flyer - contact me with the code and you've got a 50% off the original price of the parties. Even if it's not your birthday why not have a party anyhow - learn a new skill and have fun while doing it.…
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Fun & Messy Summer Camps – Launched

Would you like to create your own masterpiece ? Well you can  at Pottery.Buzz during our summer camp from July 24th to August 4th. Learn how to hand make your very own piece of pottery and how to decorate your own piece of pottery by learning the different techniques in making your very own masterpiece of…
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